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Master's Degree

Master in Environmental Finance

Earn credit
The minimum credit for completing a master's degree is 30 credits. Of these 30 credits, 18 are opened by the department Subjects must be taken, and the remaining credits can be obtained as courses established by other departments with the approval of the lead professor.
Comprehensive test
For master's courses, you can complete at least 21 credits before taking the comprehensive exam.
Up to 6 credits (bosses) out of 21 credits Other subjects may be included. However, undergraduate supplemental or blue course subjects are not recognized as postgraduate credits. The master's degree course is 1 major required and major selection 1. All 3 courses must be applied for for the first time and some Only subjects are not applied for. You can apply only for the professor in charge and the subject. Students leave comprehensively You are not allowed to take the exam and must be enrolled from the date of application to the day of the exam.
foreign language
Master's courses must be obtained at least TOEIC 700 / TOEFL (PBT550, CBT213, IBT79-80). The time of foreign language submission Please refer to the environmental finance department's website announcements and office bulletin boards. the foreman may decide whether to exempt him or her.
Graduation thesis
The thesis is based on foreign language performance and acceptance of comprehensive exams. If either of these requirements is not met, the paper's qualifications be deprived. In the case of master's courses, the jury is three (one referee and two assistant referees) and the professor (referee) is not necessarily a study year. You must be a full-time faculty member of the University. There may be one external auditor who is not a full-time member of the university, and only adverted. The standards of external judges are those who have received national and foreign phDs, and if they apply for an external jury as a deputy commissioner, The member's affiliation, position, social security number, home address, bank bank bank number, and contact information must be provided.

Submit the "Early Graduate Application" to the administrative team at the beginning of the 4th semester with the above requirements - > pass the graduation test at a later date
※Early graduates are not allowed to submit papers/research reports.