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Ph.D in Environmental Finance

Earn credit
The minimum credit for completing a PhD is 30 credits. Of these 30 credits, 18 credits must be taught in the department, and the remaining credits can be obtained as courses opened by other departments with the approval of the foreman professor.
Comprehensive test
PhD students can take the exam after completion of 21 credits or more, and may include up to two other major subjects. The comprehensive exam course is two major selections. If you are taking the first exam, you must apply for both courses at the same time. Six of the 21 credits must be completed in English.
foreign language
PhD students must obtain at least TOEIC (800)/ TOEFL (PBT550, CBT213, IBT79-80) for graduation. If you complete your master's degree at the university and then go on to a PhD, you will be satisfied with your PhD graduation requirements if you meet your foreign language score when entering the master's program. Master's degree - other schools, PhDs - When going to the university, you must submit a foreign language equivalent to economics and foreign language regulations. If you are a foreign student in a country where English is the official language, or if you have earned a bachelor's degree in a country that speaks English as the official language, the foreman may decide whether to exempt you.
Graduation thesis
The Doctoral thesis is written in English in principle. However, if approved by the professor, it can also be written in Korean. The following requirements apply to all PhD students. - In order to receive a PhD, at least two articles must be published or published in SSCI, SCI, SCI-E, Academic Journal, or Academic Candidate Journal based on the doctoral thesis. However, in the case of publication (or confirmation of publication) of more than one edition in SSCI and SCI journals, it shall be deemed to meet this requirement. Confirmation means "Accepted" or "Accepted with minor revision". If published, a separate copy must be submitted, and if the publication is confirmed, an official or e-mail will be submitted from the journal informing the publication confirmation. In all of the above cases, the number of co-authores per paper shall be three or fewer in principle. If the number of co-authores of a paper is more than 4, it must be approved by the thesis referee and graduate principal professor before it can be used to meet this regulation. In addition, it is mandatory to publish one or more papers of one or more times in domestic and foreign societies prior to doctoral fees. -Thesis is based on foreign language performance and acceptance of comprehensive exams. If either of these requirements is not met, the dissertation status will be forfeited. In the case of a PhD program, the jury is 5 (1 referee and 4 assistant referees) and the professor is a full-time faculty member of the university and should not be a research year during the examination period of the thesis of the present semester. Two external auditors, not full-time teachers of the university, can be included, and only the assistant referee can be appointed. The standards of external judges are those who have received national and foreign phDs, and if they apply for an external jury as a deputy commissioner, they must submit the jury's affiliation, position, social security number, home address, bank bank bank number, and contact information.

※Early graduates are not allowed to submit papers/research reports.