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About Us


Our Graduate School of Environmental Finance was established for the first time in Korea as a “Green Finance-Specialized Graduate School” that will lead the Korean Green New Deal Policy.

We aim to educate experts in green finance with technical knowledge and big data-based analysis capabilities on climate change and the environment that will lead the successful promotion of the Korean version of the Green New Deal.

Specifically, in our graduate program, we intend to cultivate the following manpower to lead “green digital finance” with an understanding of the environment and essential knowledge based on digitalization, which is rapidly growing due to the spread of COVID-19.

Educating student specialized on data analysis and environment, leading the Korean version of the New Deal policy, and cultivating future financial manpower in preparation for coming structural changes in the financial industry
Fostering green finance experts with technical knowledge and data-based analysis capabilities on climate change and environment
Fostering eco start-up finance professionals who contribute to revitalization of the green industry by fostering eco-friendly startups using advanced green finance and green technology
Furthermore, cultivating global green finance manpower who can understand and prepare for the global trend of green finance, which is becoming a international standard.

The Graduate School of Environmental Finance is making continuous efforts to nuture future leaders who will lead the Korean version of the New Deal policy while actively responding to rapidly changing domestic and international trends. To this end, we are focusing on securing excellent faculty members, interdisciplinary convergence between environment and finance, organizing a curriculum that combines theory and reality, and strengthening cooperation with leading overseas institutions

We will do our best to be the best graduate program of environmental finance at domestic and abroad.